May 2006 -

Imagine Exhibition

We proudly hosted the British Council's Imagine Exhibition. It consisted of picture books and prints from the books. The whole school visited the exhibition and worked around the connection between literature and illustrations. They carried out different tasks planned by their teachers according to their language level.


October 2006 -

Fables Project Presentation

Our Fables project was very successful. The whole school, from kinder to secondary, worked on fables from different perspectives according to their age and linguistic competence. These are some of the students' productions.

    • Kinder and 1st form listened to some fables and drew their favourite part.
    • 6th form compared the classic fable ' The Boy who cried Wolf' with a modernised version ' Betsy who cried Wolf'. They did so using graphic organisers and we collected their wonderful wiork in a big book that we exhibited.
    • 2nd Year students read some fables and worked on the elements of a fable. They finally chose one of the fables read and produced a fable cube, each side showing a different aspect of the chosen fable.
    • 3rd year students did 3 versions of a fable: they read some fables (the original version) and worked with one of them on summarising the fable (the short version) and then extending it by adding descriptive detail and dialogue (the long version). Great work was produced!
    • 2nd form read 'The Ant and the Dove' and 'The Lion and the Mouse', they worked on vocabulary and their moral and finally they dramatised them.
    • 3rd form read and dramatised 'The Boy who cried Wolf!' and 'The Lion and the Mouse'. Have a look!
    • 5th form read and dramatised 'The Little Red Hen'.Have a look!
    • 7th form read and dramamtised 'The Father and his Sons'. They worked really hard and did a great job!

We have photos and presentations on cd!

You can ask the teacher to lend you the cds and watch these presentations at home!

The Ant and the Dove (2nd A)

The Lion and the Mouse (2nd B)

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