2011 Activities

HP Personal Again commercials by 5th H, C and CAD (March 2011)

Students analyze an advertising campaign and create a commercial of their own for the campaign.
Check their work here!

Future Catalogues by 4th H, C and CAD (April 2011)

4th year students created catalogues of future products they imagined will exist in the future!

Click on the picture to see all the catalogues


Walls Talking by 5th CAD (June 2011)

5th CAD students took pictures of graffiti in the city of Buenos Aires and

participated in this worldwide project

They also made this video

And this is the message we got from Sasa Sirk, the teacher from Slovenia who runs the project:

Wow, dear 5th CAD and Vicky!
I love the way you brought images to life in this video and showed how we all appreciate different things in graffiti - art, creativity, puzzling letters, good messages, vibrant colors.... I happily recognized many of your lovely photos from wallstalking.org - yaay - and VERYmuch enjoyed hearing your voices.
You guys live in an amazing city. I'll show your video to my group when we start classes in October and share our response.
From Slovenia with love,

....but YouTube keeps reporting errors.... grrrrrr. Will persist. Have you guys seen how much of your BA is already in our Flickr group? http://www.flickr.com/groups/wallstalking/pool/tags/buenosaires/

Thank you so much for sharing the colors around you. It seems to me as if you guys live where the rainbow meets the ground.
Tight hugs from the other end of the world,
(excited about the new school year about to begin my end)

Animals (1st years) (May 2011)




Heroes by 4th C, H and CAD (June 2011)

4th year students wrote about their heroes
You can see their projects here


Recycling by 5th years

Students explored the recycling aspects of different materials and prepared these presentations