2012 Activities

This is a showcase of our students project for this year

Getting to know each other (4th year)

Click to see the projects for 4th C, 4th H and 4th CAD

Job hunting (5th year)

5th year students investigated their ideal jobs, wrote their CVs and role-played job interviews.
Click to see their job posters
5th C
5th H
5th CAD

Future catalogues (4th year)

4th year students invented future products and created catalogues for them.
You can check them here

HP Personal Again (5th year)

Students watched a commercial campaign by HP computers and created similar commercials about themselves.
You can watch some of them here!

Olympic Games 2012

This year we decided to take advantage of London 2012 Olympics! All classes from kinder to secondary worked on Olympic games related projects.
Check them here!